Congress inauguration of the International Association of Jianshen Qigong


It was in September 2012 that was held in Hangzhou, China, Congress inauguration of the International Association of Jianshen Qigong. For the occasion, the representatives of 52 member organizations from 33 countries were present. Qigong Institute of Quebec was appointed official of that organization. Olivier Meunier, President of the Institute and the Vice-President, Xiaona Qiao, were present for the occasion. Olivier Meunier was also appointed member of the Research Committee of the Association.

The creation of this new international organization marks a new stage in the development of Qigong Jianshen worldwide. Chinese leaders have stressed that Jianshen Qigong has its own characteristics that distinguishes it from all other forms of physical activity. It incorporates gentle movements, postures and includes slow dynamic as static. In Jianshen Qigong exercises combine all breathing, posture and concentration making it a full practice exercising both body and mind.

As has been recognized by the World Health Organization, health is more than the absence of disease. It is a state of complete physical, mental and social. In this perspective, the Jianshen Qigong plays a major role in health promotion. This is also the reason why it has been recognized and awarded by the International Olympic Committee, since this is an activity that can be practiced by people of all ages, with almost no restrictions as to their health.

The Jianshen Qigong originated in China but belongs to the cultural heritage of the world. The objectives of the International Association of Qigong Jianshen will continue and encourage its promotion abroad. To date, the Jianshen Qigong was spread to over 36 countries and more than 52 organizations outside China. The Association has set a goal to increase this number to 100 by 2020.

The Association has also formed committees to work for the promotion and development of Jianshen Qigong. These committees are technical committees, research (including Olivier Meunier is a member), promotion, marketing and secretarial services.

The International Association of Jianshen Qigong is first and foremost a means of strengthening solidarity and cooperation among the various actors Qigong worldwide. With the active participation of all its members, the association will provide a major role in the international influence of the art of health.

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